Police dogs are a new weapon against pedophiles

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It is not known today that dogs have sensational smell, which makes them great for finding explosives and drugs. Surprisingly, they may also be able to sniff out child pornography, so they may be useful in the fight against pedophiles.

According to the BBC, the Rhode Island police have managed to arrest suspected child pornographic material after the dog sniffed in his luggage pendrive on which the criminal kept the photos. He made this dog named Thoreau, who had undergone a 22 week training to teach him how to search for electronic gadgets. Interestingly, it is the only dog ​​in the United States.

Guardian dog Adam Houston claims that his training was based on a reward system, so for every Thoreau found he was getting a treat. It is not known how a dog can distinguish a memory card, for example, from other electronic devices in a suspect’s home, such as computers, radios, televisions, etc., and this is quite important since it depends on its effectiveness.

In addition, experts question the dog’s training method, emphasizing that such a way of rewarding him for efficiency destroys the whole system of exercise. In their opinion, if the dog is hungry, then he will take food from everyone, not only from the carer, and this will destroy the whole search.

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