The EU wants to turn off fridges and freezers in homes

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With the introduction of the Smart Grid network, EU energy marketers are going to make it easier for users to remotely manage their household appliances in their homes. Sounds perfect, smart control will reduce energy bills … Only with the record will allow manufacturers to remotely shut down washing machines, refrigerators and other appliances at peak power consumption.

So far the electricity producer was obliged to supply electricity according to the user requirements. Soon the situation may be minor, but significant for households modification. Intelligent transmission networks will be able to control intelligent household appliances.

The operators of the European Network of Transmission Operators for Electricity are the advocates of this solution. Lobbystom has been able to convince the authorities to regulate the EU energy market. It is therefore likely that household appliances manufacturers to adapt to the regulations will be forced to equip with special chips every new home appliance. They will be able to switch off the device at national or European power consumption summits.

Solutions that can help with the introduction of such an act are emergency power supplies, which can be connected to power-sensitive electrical equipment. Power backup emergency systems are commonly used in desktops, and soon it may be that a similar device will save food in the freezer from deterioration.

With emergency power supplies, you can save not only food and data on your PC, many people use power supplies to connect filtering and aerating aeration equipment and warming terrariums. Such solutions can protect household appliances.