Appeal Apple rejected by the Supreme Court

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The US Supreme Court has rejected Apple’s appeal on price collusion in the ebook market in which the American concern is involved. This means that the California giant will have to pay a F/i>450 million fine imposed on him by a court of second instance.

A few years ago, the US judiciary was addressing price collusion on Apple’s ebook market and some of the largest US-based publishers. Businesses in the aftermath decided to set the price of digital books at a fixed $ 12.99 or $ 14.99, thus avoiding mutual competition. This has kept high ebook prices, which have affected customers.

Publishers quickly abandoned their former partner, admitting to collusion and paying enormous compensation. Only Apple was still on the job assuring that it had done nothing wrong and was not going to compromise. The corporate lawsuit, however, was a straightforward one, but it finally agreed to go to court and pay $ 450 million in compensation for inflating book prices.

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