Espresso for nomad (and for bivouac)

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Enjoying coffee is fun with flavor, texture and aroma. The drink should be thick, black with a beautiful creamy foam. Everyday we use coffee as from the afterburner. It wakes and beautifies the morning, is healthy and should be given hot. In order to tasting espresso, a special machine is required. UniTerra offers a device that does not require electricity to operate the machine.

So far with hot water, it was possible to brew “turkish” coffee or pass on soluble coffee alternatives. Unfortunately, the intense processes of ground coffee beans to make them soluble coffee make it impossible to create a true espresso quality brew from the ground beans before brewing.

UniTerra has decided to produce a coffee machine that only requires hot water to brew an aromatic coffee thimble, you can enjoy espresso at home, on a trip, picnic and under a tent.

The shape of the machine and its function does not differ from the classic machines we have in our homes. There is a water tank, a coffee filter and a lever to close the lid, the next step is to wet the coffee with a hint of hot water. This is done by a hand pump which must be reused after 10 seconds. To increase the pressure in the tank to about 8 – 10 bar. Such value is enough to push through a coffee strainer to an excellent espresso.

The Nomad project is in the process of collecting funds for the development of the company. Those who have an interest in the idea should look for it

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