Google will help Samsung to optimize the TouchWiz overlay

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Most Android smartphone manufacturers install their own interface overlays on their devices that extend the functionality of the system. Google does not like this, and the biggest charges against Samsung and its overlay TouchWiz. There have now been reports that the Mountain View giant will help the Korean company refine this feature.

Android smartphone manufacturers are already accustomed to equip their devices with their own system overlay. It is intended to increase the functionality of the system, but in practice it works rather the contrary, in extreme cases, significantly slowing down the whole device.

Google’s Android developer, this approach is very disagreeable for manufacturers, which he expressed last year, focusing mainly on Samsung’s criticism and its TouchWiz overlay. It has come to the fact that the American concern has demanded to remove it, because although Samsung has tried to improve it over the years, it still caused more harm than good.

This will change, however, as Google has pledged to assist Samsung in developing this tool. The online company promises to help optimize the overlay and eliminate the most irritating bugs from it, so as not to limit the performance of the hardware and not cause other problems.

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