The Russians are building Noah’s ark

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Biblical Noah’s Ark was meant to save all earthly creatures by the Deluge and allow for the regeneration of species after its completion. Russians carry out a similar project, with the difference that they want to do it in a more modern way. Instead of storing entire specimens, they will only collect their DNA.

Russia will soon start one of the most interesting projects of recent years, aiming to preserve all species of creatures, both living and long-dead. Scientists from Moscow University intend to carry out a project called Noah’s Ark.

At a cost of $ 194 million, a huge surface area of ​​more than 260 square kilometers will be created, containing DNA samples from all earthly creatures.

Completion of the work is planned for 2018, while the Russian scientists involved in the project expect the Noah’s Ark to connect with other storage facilities for genetic material. This will not only compare genes, but may also clone the animals, and may not be the only way to bring back to life species that have long since died out.

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