Tinder increases the chance of a date

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Tinder representatives announce the introduction of a new algorithm to their service. The technology called Smart Photos is designed to maximize the potential of a profile photo. In other words, it will increase our chance of a date.

Tinder is currently one of the most popular dating sites used by millions of people around the world. The huge number of users does not mean that we have a better chance of a date. This is because many factors are decisive and one of them is a profile picture. But it is not always well chosen.

Tinder developers, however, draw a helping hand to users who can not find a date and want to help them with the help of a completely new algorithm. The technology called Smart Photos will do a better job of selecting a profile photo as the user’s profile.

The algorithm will investigate the reaction to the photo, counting how many times the user has been accepted or rejected, and then based on the data it determines which photo best suits it. According to tests conducted, it is estimated that the use of Smart Photos by about 12 percent has increased the chances of the user’s acceptance of the sex.

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