Drones with their own radars

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Drons seem to be cool toys, but you can not forget that these are dangerous devices because they weigh, and the rotor blades can hurt us. That is why it is so important to equip them with obstacle avoidance systems and one of these solutions was presented by Israeli company Arbe Robotics.

The Tel Aviv company has developed an entirely new radar system for unmanned aerial vehicles that protects them from collisions. The technology scans the area around the dock 200 meters in each direction to detect any obstacle that may be on its way. On the other hand, the special software selects all objects on the route of the flight, setting a route that bypasses them.

So far, the technology is not very good, because it only detects large objects whose diameter is more than one meter. The advantage is that the system does not consume more than 5 percent of battery power in the flight, so it should not significantly affect the length of the dron flight. Of course, with time, when the system gets better, it will also detect smaller obstacles.

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