Virtual trip to Mars

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Visitors to the Kennedy Space Center can take advantage of the new attractions. Within the project called Destination: Mars and thanks to Microsoft HoloLens technology, they can go on a virtual trip to Mars.

The first man will set foot on Mars only in a few years, but now we can choose in virtual way. The Space Center Kennedy has prepared for visitors a completely new attraction in the form of a project called Destination: Mars. This is a virtual tour of the Red Planet, powered by Microsoft HoloLens technology.

Visitors to the cosmic complex, having put on their heads special goggles, are moving to the Mars simulation, created based on real photographs provided by the Curiosity rover. Guests will be able to explore several areas of the Red Planet in this way, and their guide in a foreign world will be Buzza Aldrin hologram.

It is worth adding that Destination: Mars is an extension of the OnSight program developed by Microsoft and the NASA Missile Engine Laboratory, which was created specifically for scientific research. Technology enables scientists from around the world to walk around the surface of Mars and discuss geological structures of the planet as well as plans for future exploration.

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