Become an explorer of planets

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If you’ve always wanted to be an explorer of alien planets, now you have the opportunity. University campuses have provided a database of data collected by the Hawaii telescope. Each of us can search for exoplanets suitable for residence.

Mankind is still looking for planets that would fit in and although some potential candidates were already found, there are still many objects to explore. As part of a new project, each of us can take care of it and feel like discovering new worlds.

MIT researchers Carnegie Mellon and several other universities have just released a huge database of 61,000 individual measurements from more than 1,600 nearby stars. The base contains two decades of observations carried out by a HiRES spectrometer, which is mounted on a telescope at the Keck astronomical observatory in Hawaii.

The database is so huge that MIT does not have enough people to analyze everything. It was therefore thought that the best idea would be to ask the community help. So special software was prepared (-2 /) along with instructions for its use (), so that everyone can go to analyze the information gathered and search for planets where conditions can be suitable for life.

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