Espresso for nomad (and for bivouac)

Enjoying coffee is fun with flavor, texture and aroma. The drink should be thick, black with a beautiful creamy foam. Everyday we use coffee as from the afterburner. It wakes and beautifies the morning, is healthy and should be given hot. In order to tasting espresso, a special machine is required. UniTerra offers a device that does not require electricity to operate the machine.

So far with hot water, it was possible to brew “turkish” coffee or pass on soluble coffee alternatives. Unfortunately, the intense processes of ground coffee beans to make them soluble coffee make it impossible to create a true espresso quality brew from the ground beans before brewing.

UniTerra has decided to produce a coffee machine that only requires hot water to brew an aromatic coffee thimble, you can enjoy espresso at home, on a trip, picnic and under a tent.

The shape of the machine and its function does not differ from the classic machines we have in our homes. There is a water tank, a coffee filter and a lever to close the lid, the next step is to wet the coffee with a hint of hot water. This is done by a hand pump which must be reused after 10 seconds. To increase the pressure in the tank to about 8 – 10 bar. Such value is enough to push through a coffee strainer to an excellent espresso.

The Nomad project is in the process of collecting funds for the development of the company. Those who have an interest in the idea should look for it…

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Unusual Center for Process Innovation project

The British company announces the construction of a windowless airplane, but where passengers will be able to look outside without a hitch and surf the web or check the mail. Intends to replace the heavy hull of current aircraft with thin touch panels. Lighter machines will use less fuel, which will translate into lower ticket prices.

This expedition into the future of one of the passengers will make you dream, while the other, more fearful, will put you in a state of increased nervousness.

Flying planes of the future will be built entirely of screens for travelers over a decade, enabling travelers to see the surrounding airplanes. Passengers will, according to wishes, either include or exclude the vision, and interested in the place they are going to be able to identify. At their disposal throughout the cruise will have internet.

This initial concept of a new type of aircraft, made using today’s technology in mobile phones and televisions, has come from visionaries from the Center for Process Innovation (CPI), an organization with a network of outlets in North East England that supports companies in developing innovative projects.

This CPI has created a design for the hull of high-density super-light HD screens that would send passengers to an image of the camera mounted outdoors.

This ambitious project would be a response to the question of aviation for years: how to reduce the weight of an airplane in order to reduce fuel consumption, which will reduce the cost of travel? According to CPI calculations, weight reduction machine 1 percent. This will result in fuel savings of 0.75 percent.

The idea was born from a discussion of the possible applications of printed electronics, which specializes in the English center. “We talked with the aviation industry and we understood that there was a need to reduce the weight of planes,” says Jon Helliwell, CPI.

Placing windows in the hull requires additional reinforcements, the researcher notes. Replacing this construction with screen walls would significantly reduce the weight of the machines. – Following this idea, we began to wonder: ok, let’s get rid of windows – just like in transport aircrafts. What will the passengers do now? We thought that the most disadvantaged would be those who have chosen to sit by the window.

Engineers at CPI have been thinking of installing screens that would display the image they would like to see passengers, because the device would be eye-catching.

These screens would be made of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) – a combination of …

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Appeal Apple rejected by the Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court has rejected Apple’s appeal on price collusion in the ebook market in which the American concern is involved. This means that the California giant will have to pay a F/i450 million fine imposed on him by a court of second instance.

A few years ago, the US judiciary was addressing price collusion on Apple’s ebook market and some of the largest US-based publishers. Businesses in the aftermath decided to set the price of digital books at a fixed $ 12.99 or $ 14.99, thus avoiding mutual competition. This has kept high ebook prices, which have affected customers.

Publishers quickly abandoned their former partner, admitting to collusion and paying enormous compensation. Only Apple was still on the job assuring that it had done nothing wrong and was not going to compromise. The corporate lawsuit, however, was a straightforward one, but it finally agreed to go to court and pay $ 450 million in compensation for inflating book prices.…

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Google will help Samsung to optimize the TouchWiz overlay

Most Android smartphone manufacturers install their own interface overlays on their devices that extend the functionality of the system. Google does not like this, and the biggest charges against Samsung and its overlay TouchWiz. There have now been reports that the Mountain View giant will help the Korean company refine this feature.

Android smartphone manufacturers are already accustomed to equip their devices with their own system overlay. It is intended to increase the functionality of the system, but in practice it works rather the contrary, in extreme cases, significantly slowing down the whole device.

Google’s Android developer, this approach is very disagreeable for manufacturers, which he expressed last year, focusing mainly on Samsung’s criticism and its TouchWiz overlay. It has come to the fact that the American concern has demanded to remove it, because although Samsung has tried to improve it over the years, it still caused more harm than good.

This will change, however, as Google has pledged to assist Samsung in developing this tool. The online company promises to help optimize the overlay and eliminate the most irritating bugs from it, so as not to limit the performance of the hardware and not cause other problems.…

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The EU wants to turn off fridges and freezers in homes

With the introduction of the Smart Grid network, EU energy marketers are going to make it easier for users to remotely manage their household appliances in their homes. Sounds perfect, smart control will reduce energy bills … Only with the record will allow manufacturers to remotely shut down washing machines, refrigerators and other appliances at peak power consumption.

So far the electricity producer was obliged to supply electricity according to the user requirements. Soon the situation may be minor, but significant for households modification. Intelligent transmission networks will be able to control intelligent household appliances.

The operators of the European Network of Transmission Operators for Electricity are the advocates of this solution. Lobbystom has been able to convince the authorities to regulate the EU energy market. It is therefore likely that household appliances manufacturers to adapt to the regulations will be forced to equip with special chips every new home appliance. They will be able to switch off the device at national or European power consumption summits.

Solutions that can help with the introduction of such an act are emergency power supplies, which can be connected to power-sensitive electrical equipment. Power backup emergency systems are commonly used in desktops, and soon it may be that a similar device will save food in the freezer from deterioration.

With emergency power supplies, you can save not only food and data on your PC, many people use power supplies to connect filtering and aerating aeration equipment and warming terrariums. Such solutions can protect household appliances.…

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Children’s room lamps

Children’s room is the place where we have the most memories. Must have some secrets, a place to work and play. And necessarily, provide an excellent atmosphere. A good way to improve the “climate” in a room is to use light. With Philips lamps, cheerful characters from Disney animated films can enter each child’s room.

Mickey Mouse, Little Mermaid, princesses and shaggy animosity from other fairy tales served as models for the production of children’s lamps. Philips Disney has been designed to create a magical family moment and allow children to spend time with their favorite Disney characters. When you want to help children wake up and fall asleep, make their fun as colorful as their imagination.

StoryLight Micky transforms reading into a pillow in an interesting story. In a clever way, it can be combined with the iPads that are read by the iPad, whose characters come alive through the magical light that overflows the child’s bedroom.

For small fans of the film “Monsters and Company” you can buy a glowing friend who will sleep peacefully at night. SoftPals light emits just enough light to keep the child safe and relaxed during the night.

LivingColors with Mickey Mouse and Minnie – they offer so many colors that the child can easily escape to the world of his colorful imagination. gallery…

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Police dogs are a new weapon against pedophiles

It is not known today that dogs have sensational smell, which makes them great for finding explosives and drugs. Surprisingly, they may also be able to sniff out child pornography, so they may be useful in the fight against pedophiles.

According to the BBC, the Rhode Island police have managed to arrest suspected child pornographic material after the dog sniffed in his luggage pendrive on which the criminal kept the photos. He made this dog named Thoreau, who had undergone a 22 week training to teach him how to search for electronic gadgets. Interestingly, it is the only dog ​​in the United States.

Guardian dog Adam Houston claims that his training was based on a reward system, so for every Thoreau found he was getting a treat. It is not known how a dog can distinguish a memory card, for example, from other electronic devices in a suspect’s home, such as computers, radios, televisions, etc., and this is quite important since it depends on its effectiveness.

In addition, experts question the dog’s training method, emphasizing that such a way of rewarding him for efficiency destroys the whole system of exercise. In their opinion, if the dog is hungry, then he will take food from everyone, not only from the carer, and this will destroy the whole search.…

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